Arrowhead is blessed to have some of the hardest working volunteers out there. They help us keep running by washing dishes, cooking meals, mowing lawns, and just about anything else you can think of. Typically we need volunteers during our summer camps and during our retreat season. Would you be willing to help out?


We utilize many adult volunteers in all aspects of our summer program so that skilled people with limited time (like yourself!) can have the opportunity to be involved in camping ministry. Adult men and women are needed as cooks, maintenance workers, and health care staff.

KITCHEN STAFF: We need 2-4 kitchen helpers each week to assist our summer cooks. You will help prepare and serve delicious meals to dozens of campers and staff. An orientation is provided to familiarize you with our kitchen equipment and procedures.

MAINTENANCE WORKERS: We need volunteers weekly to work with the Director of Maintenance on many different projects at camp. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or just want to help out, we are grateful for your service. An orientation is provided to familiarize you with our maintenance equipment and procedures.

HEALTH CARE STAFF: While we have a nurse and several staff on hand to help with health care, it is always great to have another licensed (RN, PA, LPN, EMR, or EMT) health care worker on site to assist with emergency first aid and the health maintenance of campers and staff. An orientation is provided to familiarize you with typical camper needs, the first aid station, and the physician’s standing orders on file.


The motto of the Service Team is, “serve to love, love to serve,” and while on Service Team, you will be doing just that: serving others. The growth that you can experience in a setting like this is invaluable, and you will walk away changed!

We recruit high school students to volunteer as Service Team members for one-week sessions at a time (although we certainly welcome you to volunteer for more than one session!) The Service Team is a vital part of Arrowhead’s ministry, working in support areas such as dish crew and housekeeping. The Service Team is trained by and accountable to the Service Corps during their time here. Opportunities will be limited to four or five members per session. Priority will be given to those who can be available for the entire one-week session. If you are interested in serving with us this summer, click the “Summer Volunteers” button.


To be a S.O.C. is to be a “Slave of Christ.” Paul promotes this kind of a lifestyle in Romans 6, encouraging Christians to devote themselves to God and his commands, resulting in holiness and eternal life. We also encourage this kind of lifestyle for all of our staff and campers. That’s why we developed our high school discipleship program. As a part of our greater mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, we offer students who have completed HomeBase the opportunity to return to camp as a S.O.C. who counsels, does maintenance, works in the kitchen, or assists with program activities. Our goal is not simply to train students to work at camp; rather, our hope is that by doing ministry alongside of our summer staff, students may taste the sweetness of kingdom work and be inspired to continue it in their homes, schools, and communities. If you have completed HomeBase and wish to serve at camp this summer, click the “Summer Volunteers” button.


Some camps are open only during the summer, but Arrowhead serves groups year round. In order to offer services during the fall, winter, and spring we need volunteers to help clean, cook, wash dishes, and work program areas. Typically retreats begin in the evening on Fridays and conclude mid-morning on Sundays. An orientation is provided to familiarize you with your work duties. If you are interested in volunteering for a retreat, click the “Retreat Volunteers” button.


In addition to volunteering during our summer camps and retreat season, there are other ways to get plugged into camp.

GIVING: If you are interested in giving towards the ministry at camp, either financially or with a donated item from our wish list, check out our DONATE page.

THE BOARD: Arrowhead’s Executive Board oversees the wellbeing and advancement of camp. If you are interested in serving a term on the Board, please contact Jeremiah at jeremiah@abcamp.org.

PRAYER PARTNERS: Our full-time and summer staff benefit greatly from having prayer partners who are dedicated to supporting them. If you are interested in joining one of our core staff or summer staff in prayer this season, please contact Camp at info@abcamp.org.