Director of Building Maintenance


Cook  |  [email protected]

Terri has been working in the Arrowhead kitchen since 2011 and volunteering there for many years prior. She graduated from Grace University with a degree in Elementary Education. She credits cooking for crowds in her college days with preparing her for camp’s kitchen. Terri has a love for Arrowhead Bible Camp born out of attending as a camper herself while growing up. Experienceing the impact camp had on her, she and her husband Dean found it valuable to have their five children attend while growing up as well. She now looks forward to the days when her grandchildren can attend summer camps at Arrowhead!


Executive Director  |  [email protected]

Jeremiah has been Executive Director at Arrowhead since 2002. He graduated from Grace University with a degree in Camping Ministry. He is married to Rebecca and they have 6 children: Ethan (marreid to Tara), Tristen, Kai, Elliot, Finn, and Verity. He and his family enjoy time on the lake during the summer and time on the ski slopes in the winter. He likes to play board games and read. Jeremiah loves camp because of the unique way this type of ministry happens; but specifically enjoys the relationships that are built and being outdoors.


Food Service Director  |  [email protected]

Rebecca has been serving as the Food Service Director at Arrowhead Bible Camp since 2004. She graduated from Metropolitan Community College with an associate degree in Food Service and Management. She is married to Jeremiah and they have 6 children: Ethan (married to Tara), Tristen, Kai, Elliot, Finn, and Verity. Rebecca loves hosting people, playing a fun game, and vacationing anywhere warm. Rebecca loves the lasting relationships she has made at Arrowhead. Some began as she was a young child at camp and have continued through family camps and retreats.  Some are new, made while cooking alongside each other during the summer.  Rebecca says Arrowhead friends are “like a second family” and she is thankful to be a part of that family.


Office Manager  |  [email protected]

Trenton joined missionary staff in 2020. He has been attending and working at Arrowhead, both as a camper and summer staff, since 2006. He and his wife Elizabeth have two young children, Edmund and Simeon! Together they like to go hiking, camping, and they always love a good board game with friends. Trenton loves Arrowhead for so many reasons, but the biggest reason is because he gets to see God move in tangible ways every year and bring others to a knowledge of Him.


Guest Services Director  |  [email protected]

Paul is currently raising support to join missionary staff. Paul grew up attending Arrowhead as a camper and also served on summer staff. He and his wife Karlee were previously on staff at a camp in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. Paul has completed the Leadership Training and Development program at Forest Spring Camp and Conference Center. Paul enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and playing games together with his wife and friends. Paul’s loves Chrisian camping  because of the unique environment that allows for campers and guests to experience Christ in their lives and build relationships with others that can last a lifetime.


Director of Grounds and Equipment Maintenance  |  [email protected]

Phil has been at Arrowhead on missionary staff since 2006. He came to camp because he saw a need in maintenance and felt led to pursue being on staff. Phil enjoys working here because of the excitement of seeing people share their faith and give their lives to Christ. He sees camp as an effective ministry tool and enjoys being a part of that. In his spare time, Phil likes to spend time with his wife, Michelle, their sons, Dallas (married to Amy) and Austin (married to Alyssa), and their grandchildren. He enjoys going on canoe trips, camping, and doing mechanical work on his Jeeps.

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