Years Old

Campers Housed

Philippi has a long history at Arrowhead Bible Camp. Built just a few years after Arrowhead purchased its current property in 1976, it is one of our oldest cabins! By our estimates, there have been over 2700 campers who have called Philippi their home for various retreats and summer camps. As such, there have been countless memories made within its walls. New friendships, life-changing decisions for the Lord, and probably its fair share of pillow fights, loud snorers, and the question, “How come all the other cabins have a bathroom?”

We love Philippi. So we are excited to bring some long-overdue updates to the cabin. Unlike some of our other cabin remodels, we aren’t replacing Philippi…but just giving it some tender love and care so it can stand proudly next to its newer counterparts. And so far, it looks beautiful.

Exterior Updates
  • It’s moved forward about 45 feet (closer to the bathroom!)
  • Slight repairs
  • New siding
  • New windows and doors
  • Bright exterior lights
  • A spacious front porch
Interior Updates
  • Six electrical outlets (there used to be just two!)
  • Carsiding walls
  • New carpeted flooring
  • New bunks
  • New furnace
  • A comfortable sitting area, with couch and chairs

Join the Process!

We could not have gotten this far without the generous donations of time and finances from people like you! We hope to bring the same updates to Jericho and Capernaum as soon as possible, but we’ll need continued support. If you are interested in giving either money or your own time toward these remodel projects, then follow the link to our Donate page!