Arrowhead is glad to let you know about a new software that will improve the registration and donation process online.  Though the implementation will take several months, the outcome will mean streamlining your interactions with us.

Though Arrowhead will continue to receive paper registrations and donations, we will be conducting most of our administration operations on an online-based system called CircuiTree.

What this means for You
  • Create an account. Enter information for each member of your family, and then next time you want to register for camp, easily sign people up!
  • Manage your registrations. Keep up-to-date with your balances, medical forms, activity sign-ups, schedules payments, etc.
  • Manage your donations. Schedule payments and see your giving history.
What this means for Camp
  • Streamlined registration process. Everything on our end will run more smoothly as we receive and process your registrations.
  • Better communication. We’ll be better able to respond to your registrations and send updates on things like your balance due or things to remember as your camp session approached.
  • Efficient information storage and access. Pulling up user profiles and information, including medical health history, will be easier than ever!

Keep a look out for these changes!  We will do our best to communicate what you need to know, when you need to know it, and to help you along the process.  Also, we ask for your patience as Arrowhead’s staff learns this new system.  More updates coming soon!