As you prepare to send your child to camp, please familiarize yourself with the information below.  Also, please ensure that you complete your child’s registration online by filling out the health form section, if you have not already done so. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Before Coming to Camp

CABIN BUDDIES. One of our goals is for all campers to make new friends while at camp. For campers who come with friends or have friends from previous summers, they may list up to two roommates with whom they would like to share a cabin. This process is done using a request code.  When a camper registers and wishes to ask another person to be his or her roommate, our system creates and sends a request code to that person by email. Next, when the proposed roommate registers (or even afterwards), they can enter this code into the roommate page on their account, which will then connect the two registrations together, ensuring they are housed together. If you do not wish to accept the roommate request, you may ignore the request code. IMPORTANT: In order for roommate requests to be considered, the proposed roommate must accept the request by entering the request code.

DEPOSIT. Your $50 deposit is used to cover the processing, planning, and staffing costs for our summer programs. The deposit is not refundable nor transferable.

Drop Off

ARRIVAL. Check-in begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:15pm on the first day of the camp session. When you arrive, you may park (leaving your bags in your vehicle) and then proceed to the Chapel to complete check-in and to find out your child’s cabin assignment. Make sure to bring your payment.

HEALTH CARE. As part of check-in, all families will be directed to our health care table to meet the nurse and turn in any medications. Arrowhead is happy to accommodate to most medical and dietary needs. If your child has any medication (including over-the-counter medication), be sure it’s in the original container and enclose it in a Ziploc bag with his or her full name written on it. Names and dosages must be clearly marked on all packages and bottles. All medications will be distributed as needed by the camp health supervisor (PA, RN, EMT, EMR). Note: the parents’ health insurance serves as the primary insurance provider. Arrowhead carries secondary accident insurance coverage.

SETTLING IN. After completing check-in, you can retrieve your child’s bags and move into your cabin and meet your counselor. Swim tests (weather-permitting) will run from 4:00pm until 5:00pm, so make sure to stop by the Waterfront (a swim test may be provided during a later Free Time for any campers who were unable to complete it during registration). You can also visit the Canteen, get to know cabin mates, or take some photos.

CAMPER MAIL. Every camper enjoys a letter, postcard, or package from home. You may send mail to Arrowhead Bible Camp (please include your child’s name in the attention field, as well as the name of the camp session), or you may leave mail at the registration table to be given out sometime during the week. Please do not include candy, chips, or gum, as these cannot be kept in cabins and may spoil your child’s appetite. Instead, include clothes, pictures, letters, and other fun items.

DEPARTURE. Parents are welcome to stay up until the first bell rings (at 5:30pm) for kids to gather for our opening session. Your timely exit will help launch your child into a fun experience!

HOMESICKNESS. Parents are key in helping children overcome homesickness, so stay positive! Do not suggest that your child can call home or promise an early pick-up if things get tough. Instead, send along postcards or a journal, accompanied by your firm confidence in your child’s ability to enjoy the whole session.

Contact During the Week

CONTACTING CAMP. Regular office hours are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday and 1:00pm-5:00pm on Sunday. If you receive the answering machine, please leave a message as we closely monitor the camp phone and will return your call. If you need to make an after-hours call, please make sure it is absolutely necessary. We limit distractions because want each camper to have the greatest experience possible while at camp, so please do not plan on speaking with your child during the camp session except in the event of an emergency.

DIFFICULT SITUATIONS. Some campers may have some difficulty adjusting to camp. Our staff works patiently and lovingly with all campers; however, we may contact you if there is no change in disruptive behavior and you may be asked to pick up your child early, at your own expense, as deemed necessary by the Director.

A Typical Week

A typical day at camp starts off with breakfast and then some Solo Time for campers to read their Bibles, pray, or just be quiet for a bit. Then they enter into one of three activity times for the day which can include: tubing, swimming, boating, field games, cabin games, basketball, gaga ball, human fooseball, baking, or anything else cabins can think to do at camp! They are usually together with another cabin for these times throughout the week, so they have a chance to make some more friends!

We have Chapel filled with fun, worship, and then a guest speaker message each day. After that, each cabin goes off to have Breakout Chapel where they talk more deeply about what the speaker said.

After lunch we have F.O.B. (Flat on Bunk) rest time for an hour, then free time where kids can do whatever they want around camp including: buying snacks at the Canteen, going to the Craft Shop, Archery, Log Rolling, Swimming, Boating, hanging out in the Sports Field or at Main Camp!

They have a few more activities before supper and then a Cabin Devotional afterwards. Then in the evening we have a big All Camp Game and then Campfire time with games and Testimonies from our Summer Staff.

One special thing each week is our Camp Out Day where campers get to hang out at our campsites across the road and play games, roast their supper over the fire, play a big game of capture the flag, but still go back to sleep in their cabins for the night.

Pick Up

CLOSING RALLY. Our closing rally begins at 10:00am in the chapel for one last round of songs, games, the speaker’s final charge, offering, and a video of highlights from the week. We encourage all families to attend!

CHECK OUT. After the closing rally, all campers return to their cabins with their counselors to prepare for check-out. An authorized adult is required to sign out each camper to ensure the right kid is going home with the right person. The canteen will be open for snacks and shopping after the closing rally. Campers must be picked up by 11:15am.