Sportsman’s Archery Weekend

Need a weekend just for the guys?

Come join us for the Sportsman’s Archery Weekend…a two-day event chock-full of target practice, shooting tournaments, home-cooking, and more! Special features include a 3D target range and competition, Robin Hood competition, plenty of free time for target practice, archery products from local vendors, a buy/sell/trade table, and non-stop hunting videos. And everyone who attends leaves with a free gift!

ADULTS (14+): Fri/Sat ($55) or Sat only ($35)

YOUTH (9-13 years): Fri/Sat ($45) or Sat only ($28)

CHILDREN (Under 9): Fri/Sat ($28) or Sat only ($18)

Housing is dormitory and cabin style. Handicap accessible lodging is reserved for those who have a legitimate physical limitation. Please specify any such limitations on your registration, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your needs once you arrive at camp. All housing assignments are final; please do not plan on moving or rearranging once you arrive.


6:30 Arrival and check-in (practice shooting)

8:30 Snack and fellowship



8:00 Breakfast

8:45 3D Course and Robin Hood Contests

11:45 Shooting stops

12:00 Outdoor lunch

12:45 “Last Man Standing” contest; continue other contests

4:30 Contest scores must be turned in

5:30 Supper and Awards

6:30 Guest Speaker

7:30 Door Prize giveaway

8:00 Goodbye!

3D COURSE: This is a walking course consisting of fifteen stations, each with two 3D-animal targets. Each participant may shoot one arrow per target and will score based on proximity to the kill zone of the 3D-animal target. Examples of targets include lions, bears, hogs, deer, elk, caribou, turkey, raccoon, and many more. Campers are welcome to try their hand at this contest multiple times throughout the day, submitting their best score for final consideration.

ROBIN HOOD SHOOT: This is a distance and accuracy shoot. Each participant may shoot two arrows per target and will score based on their proximity to the bulls-eye. Targets are spaced at 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-yards from the shooting line. Campers are welcome to try their hand at this contest multiple times throughout the day, submitting their best score for final consideration.

LAST MAN STANDING: This contest will take place only once during the day. It begins with junior participants shooting at a target from 20-yards. Each participant who successfully hits the target will advance to the next round, backing up by 10- or 15-yards and shooting again. Adult participants will join in the contest once the distance has reached 40-yards. There will be one Junior and one Adult winner.

ADDITIONAL SHOOTS: Every year, we have several additional, unique shoots available.


April 21-22, 2017