Scrap & Stamp

Get your creativity on!

Whether you’re new to the crafting scene or you already have more scrapbooks than you do space to store them…come and join us for our Scrap and Stamp Retreat. This weekend is open to women of any age. Bring your scrapbooks, crafts, quilts, and anything else you can think to work on!

Highlights include your own 4-foot work space, over 40 hours of flexible work time, a “digital scrappers” lounge, a garage sale table for extra supplies, powerful group devotions, and of course: good company, great laughs, and an endless supply of coffee.

Early Arrival Option: If you would like to arrive earlier on Friday, you may pay an additional $6 to arrive between 9am-5pm. Meals will not be served during this time.






Every camper will receive their own 4’ of table space to work on crafts. Please bring only enough supplies to fit on/underneath this space, as we cannot guarantee additional space behind or around tables. There will be a table available for all campers to use for cutting or measuring larger pieces. Due to the growth in attendance, work tables will be located in the Chapel, Lodge Dining Hall, and the Cove (in that order, as necessary). In addition, we will have a “digital scrappers” lounge available in the Lodge for those who prefer a quieter space to work on their computers.

Housing is dormitory and cabin style. Only bottom bunks will be assigned to campers. We will do our best to honor roommate requests, but we reserve the right to make changes as we see fit.  Handicap accessible lodging is reserved for those who have a legitimate physical limitation. Please specify any such limitations on your registration, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your needs once you arrive at camp. All housing assignments are final; please do not plan on moving or rearranging once you arrive.


5:30 Arrival and check-in

7:00 Orientation

8:30 Snack and fellowship



7:00 Quiet Time, coffee

8:00 Breakfast Bar

9:00 Crafting

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Crafting

5:30 Supper and group devotions

6:30 Crafting

9:00 Snack and fellowship



7:00 Quiet time, coffee

8:00 Breakfast Bar

8:45 Group devotions

9:15 Crafting

12:00 Lunch and goodbyes!

You may request up to 3 tablemates. Any additional tablemate or work area requests will not be considered. All assignments are final. Please do not plan on moving tables or rearranging once you arrive.


April 7-9, 2017