DATES: 2019

AGE GROUP: Those completing 7-12 grade (boys only)



Pole & Paddle gives you the opportunity to visit Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota. this trip includes tenting, canoeing beautiful lakes, fishing and eating your catch, hiking, and having daily time with the Lord as you focus on exploring his creation. No experience is necessary, just a love for the outdoors! This trip is offered every other year.


The trip will begin at Arrowhead Bible Camp with check-in at 8:00am on the first day of the camp. We plan to leave for Minnesota by 9:30am that morning – so don’t be late! We will return to camp in the afternoon on the final day of the trip; campers must be picked up by 5:30pm.

During the trip, the group will set up camp at Timer-Frear lakes area, north of Tofte, MN. Each day, the group will be canoeing, fishing (small and large mouth bass, northern, and walleye), swimming, and having fun in God’s creation. Several meals will consist of the fish that the group catch during the day.

Will the trip be dangerous?

The short answer is “no.” The safety of each student is a top-priority, so we will not be participating in any dangerous activities. However, if students are acting irresponsibly or unwisely, they may run the risk of injuring themselves while canoeing or camping. If your child has difficulty making responsible decisions or enduring tough conditions, we would encourage you talk with them about those issues before considering registering for this trip.

What if there is an emergency?

One of our staff will have professional medical training. In addition, they will have a satellite or cellular phone to contact advanced medical services.

Can I contact my child during the trip?

Your child will not have their cellular devices on them during the trip. However, in the event of an important or emergency situation, you can contact Arrowhead’s office at (715) 967-2140 and we can get in touch with one of the leaders on the trip.

Should my child bring spending money?

Yes. The cost of all meals is included in your registration fee, but if your child would like to purchase snacks on the road, they should bring some cash.

Does my child need a physical in order to go to attend?

No. All you need is to fill out the medical section of the registration.

What should I do with my child's medications?

If your child has any medication (including over-the-counter medication), be sure to enclose it in a Ziploc bag with his or her full name written on it. Names and dosages must be clearly marked on all packages and bottles. All medications will be kept and distributed as needed by the camp health supervisor on the trip. Please do not send non-prescription medications (such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen) as we already have these packed in our medical kit.

Can I send my child mail?

Sure! However, we will not forward any mail to Pole & Paddle. All mail will be delivered to the students when they return to Arrowhead.

Check back later to register!