DATES: June 10-27, 2018

AGE GROUP: Those who completed BASIC

COST: $598


For students who have completed BASIC, HomeBase is the unique opportunity to spend three weeks camp, learning more about your specific spiritual gifts, passions, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as learning intensive Bible-study techniques. On top of that, you’ll learn more about ministry at Arrowhead and then be placed in cabins to counsel alongside of one of our summer staff. After finishing HomeBase, you may be able to volunteers as a SOC in the areas of program, counseling, cooking, or maintenance.


HomeBase teaching times will dig deeper into and expound upon the fundamental lessons covered in BASIC, with considerable time spent discussing the marks of a healthy church. Throughout your time in HomeBase, you will also partake in self-reflective activities designed to reveal more about who God has shaped you to be. As a result of these lessons, we hope to begin training you to do ministry on your own. In preparation for your week of counseling, you will undergo many of the same activities that our summer staff experience, including planning and leading devotionals, memorizing Scripture, using evangelism tools, and sharing your personal testimony. Then, during your third week of HomeBase, you will counsel a group of campers alongside our summer staff!

Why is there an application?

We hold our summer staff to the highest of standards in regard to the Christian lifestyle. That’s not to say that we hire only perfect people…but we do expect that those who work at Arrowhead have a sincere heart for the Lord and a desire to disciple young people. We expect the same of our HomeBase students, so the application helps us learn a bit about how you’ve grown since going through BASIC.

How does the application process work?

Once your registration, application, and deposit have been received, our program director and his team will review your application. They spend ample time praying about each candidate and discussing the overall dynamic of the group. Once the team has reached a decision, our program director will get in touch with you to let you know whether you are able to do HomeBase at that time.

What happens to my deposit if I'm not accepted into the program?

Good question. You get it back.

What would be a reason that I may not get accepted into the program?

Another good question. One reason may be that we have already reached our camper capacity. Another reason may be that the leadership team thought it would be better for you to be involved in HomeBase the following year (because of age, maturity, or your relationship with other already-accepted students. For example, sometimes it is really good for a brother and sister to do HomeBase together, but other times, it may be best for the brother and sister to do it different years). Lastly, we may think that you would be better suited serving in a different capacity at Arrowhead than as a counselor.

Am I supposed to stay at camp for the entire three weeks?

Yes and no. You will stay at camp for two full weeks (so, from the Sunday you check in until the following Friday). Then we ask that you go home that weekend before returning to camp on Sunday to begin your week of counseling. In other words, you will be at camp for 13 days, go home for a day and a half, then return to camp for your week of counseling.

What if I can't commit to being at camp the full three weeks?

Generally, we have seen that students who miss part of the three weeks of HomeBase miss out on valuable learning moments and group development. That said, sometimes it is necessary for a student to leave for part of a day, such as for a family emergency or a school exam. In those cases, we are happy to try to make something work. In all other instances, however, we would ask the student to choose between HomeBase and the conflicting event/function/camp.

Can I do laundry while at camp?

No. Please pack enough clothing to last you the full two weeks. However, if we do an activity that gets your clothes extremely dirty (such as the swamp walk), we will wash and dry those clothes for you.

Will I be ready to counsel by the third week?

That’s a tough question to answer…but we think the answer is yes. And even if you feel unprepared, remember that God does not call the equipped, but he equips those whom he calls. And if you’ve been called to counsel at Arrowhead, he will use you whether or not you feel prepared.

Are there any special events I should know about?

Yes. During HomeBase, we will participate in a service project, usually involving outdoor work that may be located off camp grounds. All students should bring appropriate attire that can get dirty. Also, HomeBase students should bring at least one nice outfit to camp, as we will attend church together off site.