Colorado Trip

The Colorado trip is an adventure in the Rockies! Camping in tents, day hikes through the mountains, zip lines, high ropes courses, and more – all designed to be safe and challenging with a heavy focus on the greatness of God. No experience necessary…just a love for the outdoors! This trip is offered every other year.

AGE GROUP: Those completing 7-12 grade



AVAILABILITY: Space available

We have designed this trip so that you will not need to go out and buy all new outdoors equipment. Since we are staying at a base camp each night and doing only day hikes, there will be no need for serious types of backpacking equipment.

YOUR MAIN BAG AND YOUR DAY PACK: We suggest you have 2 different bags: (1) your main bag and (2) your day pack. Your main bag for the trip will include all the clothing and items listed below and will stay in the tent with you. Your day pack will fill up each day with your lunch, drinks, Bible, and weather gear, and you will carry it with you on the hikes. A normal backpack will suffice, although a large hip pack may also work.

TEMPERATURE-APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: The temperatures will range from 77° in the days to around 40° at night. Bring clothing that you would typically wear on a fall day. When we hike into the mountains, we will usually start off wearing shorts and a tee shirt, but we encourage having weather gear and a pair of pants along in case the weather changes drastically while on the mountain (these clothing items should be lightweight and able to fit into your day pack). Please keep in mind as you pack that Arrowhead strives for a modest standard of dress.

FOOTWEAR: Footwear is important on this trip. You don’t need to have top-of-the-line hiking boots, but be sure that your pair is durable and in good condition. If you are purchasing new shoes, we recommend to begin wearing them around immediately, to help break them in. Wearing new boots on our trip will probably leave you with blisters after our hikes. Your choice of sock is also important. We recommend a durable boot sock rather than a white cotton sock. Lastly, also bring a pair of tennis shoes to wear around base camp…these will feel nice after a day of hiking.

ODDS AND ENDS: We will be drinking a lot of water on our trip, so bring 2 good water bottles along. As you pack your Bible, make sure to pack one that can be brought outside often and can also fit into your day pack (in other words, don’t bring your nicest, biggest Bible). You may want to bring a small pair of binoculars.

Completed health update form



Notebook & pen/pencil

Warm sleeping bag, pillow

Sleeping pad (optional)

Laundry bag (2 plastic trash bags)

Tennis shoes, hiking shoes

Sweater, sweatshirt, or warm jacket

Long pants (2 pair)

Long-sleeved shirts (3)

Tee shirts

Shorts (2 pair)

Underwear & socks

Old clothes that can get dirty/wet



Baseball cap or other hat

Towels, washcloth, soap

Toothbrush, toothpaste


Sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent (non-aerosol)

Spending money

2 water bottles

The trip will begin at Arrowhead Bible Camp with check-in at 8:00am on the first day of the camp. We plan to leave by 9:30am that morning – so don’t be late! We will return to camp by 5:00pm on the final day of the trip.

We will sleep over at a church near Omaha, NE on the way out and back. Our main base camp during the rest of the week will be at Covenant Heights Camp & Retreat Center. There, we will set up our tents and prepare for our adventures in the Rockies. We will take scenic day hikes through Rocky Mountain National Park most of the days, but one day will be spent using the zip line, high ropes course, and climbing wall at Covenant Heights. On our last day, we will spend a few hours in Estes Park to have pizza and see some of the historic sights.

WILL THE TRIP BE DANGEROUS? The short answer is “no.” The safety of each student is a top-priority, so we will not be participating in any dangerous activities. However, if students are acting irresponsibly or unwisely, they may run the risk of injuring themselves while on the hikes. If your child has difficulty making responsible decisions or enduring tough conditions, we would encourage you talk with them about those issues before considering registering for this trip.

WHAT IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY? One of our  staff will have professional medical training. In addition, they will have a satellite or cellular phone to contact advanced medical services.

CAN I CONTACT MY CHILD DURING THE TRIP? Your child will not have their cellular devices on them during the trip. However, in the event of an important or emergency situation, you can contact Arrowhead’s office at (715) 967-2140 and we can get in touch with one of the leaders on the trip.

SHOULD MY CHILD BRING SPENDING MONEY? Yes. The cost of all meals is included in your registration fee, but if your child would like to purchase snacks on the road or souvenirs, they should bring some cash.

DOES MY CHILD NEED A PHYSICAL IN ORDER TO GO TO COLORADO? No. All you need is to fill out the Health History section of the registration and the Camper Health Update (48 hours prior to arriving at camp).

WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH MY CHILD’S MEDICATIONS? If your child has any medication (including over-the-counter medication), be sure to enclose it in a Ziploc bag with his or her full name written on it. Names and dosages must be clearly marked on all packages and bottles. All medications will be kept and distributed as needed by the camp health supervisor on the trip. Please do not send non-prescription medications (such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen) as we already have these packed in our medical kit.

CAN I SEND MY CHILD MAIL? Sure! However, know that we will not forward any mail to Colorado. All mail will be delivered to the students when they return.

Check back later to register!