DATES: July 1-13, 2018

AGE GROUP: Those completing 9-12 grade

COST: $598


This intense two-week experience will have you digging deeply into God’s Word, memorizing Bible passages, and practicing your servant-leadership as we look together at the true nature of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Because of its intentionally smaller size, BASIC allows for more one-on-one time with staff as well as rich relationships among students. In order to apply for BASIC, please complete the short-answer questionnaire as part of your registration.


BASIC is different than other youth camps in a lot of ways, but one of the primary differences is that BASIC includes more “classroom time.” During these teaching times, we focus on three main areas of the Christian life: discipleship, servanthood, and spiritual disciplines. In addition, we will do in-depth study of Scripture and read from books that are either by or about a Christian who has been influential in the history of the Church. We’ve found that experiential learning is an effective tool, so many of our lessons will be accompanied by activities outside the classroom. On top of all that, you can expect to grow in your relationships with the other students and leaders, creating meaningful friendships that extend beyond your time at camp.

Why is there an application?
Due to BASIC’s unique style of teaching  and discipleship, as well as the number of staff available, we intentionally limit the number of campers in the program each summer to fewer than 20.
How does the application process work?
Once your registration, application, and deposit have been received, our program director and his team will review your application. They spend ample time praying about each candidate and discussing the overall dynamic of the group. Once the team has reached a decision, our program director will get in touch with you to let you know whether you are able to do BASIC at that time.
What happens to my deposit if I'm not accepted into the program?
Good question. You get it back.
What would be a reason that I may not get accepted into the program?
Another good question. One reason may be that we have already reached our camper capacity. Another reason may be that the leadership team thought it would be better for you to be involved in BASIC the following year (because of age, maturity, or your relationship with other already-accepted students. For example, sometimes it is really good for a brother and sister to do BASIC together, but other times, it may be best for the brother and sister to do it different years).
What if I can't commit to being at camp the full two weeks?
Generally, we have seen that students who miss part of the two weeks of BASIC miss out on valuable learning moments and group development. That said, sometimes it is necessary for a student to leave for part of a day, such as for a family emergency or a school exam. In those cases, we are happy to try to make something work. In all other instances, however, we would ask the student to choose between BASIC and the conflicting event/function/camp.
Can I do laundry while at camp?
No. Please pack enough clothing to last you the full two weeks. However, if we do an activity that gets your clothes extremely dirty (such as the swamp walk), we will wash and dry those clothes for you.
Are there any special events I should know about?
Yes. During BASIC, we will spend one night off camp property on a camp-out. All students should bring warm clothing and camping equipment (sleeping bag, pillow). Some students have used blankets in the past, but these get dirty easily and will not be able to be washed. Also, we will participate in a day of service, usually involving outdoor work that may be located off camp grounds. All students should bring appropriate attire that can get dirty. Lastly, BASIC students should bring at least one nice outfit to camp (something you would wear to church, for example).