Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is one of our wildest weeks. Rather than splitting into cabins, we divide campers into tribes who compete in challenges all week long. Not only that, but we go on adventures everyday, whether it is a canoe trip, a hike through the Ice Age Trail, or a camp-out at the Village campsite. You can be sure that by the end of the week, you’ll have learned tons of outdoor skills, like cooking meals over the fire, stringing up your food to keep it safe from animals, and even how to shoot a 3D archery course. This week isn’t for the faint of heart…but if you love a good adventure, you’ll fit right in!

AGE GROUP: Those completing 7-12 grade



AVAILABILITY: Space available

Completed health update form

1 red shirt and 1 blue shirt (for team games)



Notebook & pen/pencil

Sleeping bag, pillow

Laundry bag

Tennis shoes, sandals/flip-flops

Swimsuit (girls: one-piece; guys: shorts-style)

Sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket

Casual clothing (pants, shorts, shirts, tee shirts)

Underwear & socks

Old clothes that can get dirty/wet



Towels, washcloth, soap

Toothbrush, toothpaste


Sunscreen, insect repellent (non-aerosol)

Spending money (for canteen, crafts, offering)


HELPFUL TIP: It is helpful if all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s first and last name. You will be notified of any marked items left at camp, but any non-marked and non-claimed items will be donated to charity within 2 weeks.

THINGS TO LEAVE AT HOME: We recommend that you not bring valuables to camp. Also, Arrowhead strives for a modest standard of dress. Please keep this in mind as you help your child pack. We ask that guys not bring cut tees that expose their sides and that girls not bring strappy tank-tops, short shorts, or tight shirts. Please also leave the following items at home: firearms, knives, cigarettes, gum, magazines, junk food, non-prescription drugs, electronic games, music-listening devices, valuables, laser pointers, tablets, computers, and fireworks.

There will be several events during Adventure Camp that are different from things you may be used to at Arrowhead. We’ve listed them here so you can get a taste of what the week will be like.


  • Canoe/kayak trip up the lake (with a sack lunch halfway through)
  • 5-mile hike along the Ice Age Trail (with lunch around a campfire)
  • Extended camp-out
  • Swamp Walk
  • 3D archery competition
  • Fishing tournament

We know that you may have some questions, especially if you’ve never sent your child to camp before. Click here to visit our FAQs page.

If you’ve already registered for camp, all the information you need to prepare for your child’s week at Arrowhead can be found here.

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